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Oleksiy Melnyk
Co-director, Foreign relations and international security programmes

Born in 1962 in Khmelnytsty Rgn.


  • Royal College of Defence Studies, London, UK (2007)
  • Air Field Operations Officer School, Biloxy, MS, US (2001)
  • Squadron Officer School, Montgomery, AL, US (1994)
  • Defence Language Institute, San Antonio, TX, US (1994)
  • Chernihiv Higher Military Air Force Academy, Ukraine (1984)


  • 1980-2001 – Air Force active service (Cadet, Instructor Pilot, Flight Commander, Squadron Commander, Deputy Air Force Base Commander. Participated in two UN peacekeeping operations, Lt.Colonel (Ret).
  • 2001-2004 – Razumkov Centre.
  • 2004-2005 – State Company Ukroboronservice.
  • 2005-2008 – Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Head Organisational and Analytical Division – First Assistant to Minister of Defence.
Telephone: (+380-44) 201-11-95
E-mail: melnyk@uceps.com.ua

Latest comments
With all its actions Russia demonstrates willingness to use force
23 June 2016  Russia, Turkey, NATO
Escalation in Donbas is favourable neither to Ukraine nor Russia
16 June 2016  Donbas, Russia, Security policy
NATO is willing to provide financial, advisory and other assistance to Ukraine
24 May 2016  NATO, International assistаnce, Armed forces reform
Russian jets are more aggressive than during the Cold War
22 April 2016  Russia, NATO
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Latest articles
For Russia, the price for a large-scale attack at Ukraine is now much higher than two years ago
02 June 2016  Russia, Donbas, War
What threats the fulfilment of the Minsk Agreements poses to Ukraine
03 March 2016  Donbas, Russia, Germany
The role of international organisations in Ukraine: capabilities and limits
14 September 2015  UN, NATO, OSCE, EU, Security policy
Is the transition to a professional army possible in Ukraine?
05 August 2015  Armed forces of Ukraine, Contract army, Armed forces reform
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